28 marca 2013

Eksperci i uczniowie IBDP: I believe in open minds - speech jednej z uczennic IV LO im. E. Sczanieckiej w Łodzi

Dziś prezentujemy Wam speech, który stworzyła i zaprezentowała jako zaliczenie komponentu matury IB (Further Oral Activity) z przedmiotu - English A: Language and Literature jedna z uczennic IV LO im. E. Sczanieckiej w Łodzi, pod tytułem: "IBO - I Believe i Open minds". Przeczytajcie:

IBO - I Believe in Open minds
[logo - część zaliczenia]

So IB Math student says to another student:
Aw man, another proof… WHY do we have to do this?
And the IB math teacher says:
Hey guys! Stop it. Math now, TOK later.

This is one of many jokes I came across while surfing the net. They are made by people all over the world, by IBDP participants themselves as well as people who are not the part of IBO community. People talk about it. People notice it . But do they know what it actually is? Do YOU know what it is? Because many people ask me exactly the same question as it was in the joke. WHY? Why do we have to, why should we take up IBDP? How do we know this program is better than standard educational programs?

So, today let me tell you why…

I was planning to become a lawyer. After graduating from IBDP, I applied for Harvard and my offer was accepted. I was a very good student. Again I graduated from Harvard. Now I have a great life.

One may say:
“Come on I can do this without taking up IBDP”.
And I answer:
“Of course you can, you can achieve all this things after graduating from standard educational program”.
However you have to know that those are just perks of being an IB student. So what is the real welfare you will ask…

It’s different perspective on people and world around us.

An ability to look through different lens on people and world around us.

Different approach to people and the world around us.



IB program gives you irreplaceable opportunity to choose what YOU want to study, what YOU want to develop YOUR interest in. It is THE ONLY program which put philosophy, drama, music in the same position and at the same importance as humanities and mathematics. This is the program which motivates YOU to act in school as well as outside the school.

Today, in the 21 century I get an impression that children and teenagers are educated to become professors or teachers. They are taught how to absorb information, pass tests rather than apply knowledge to everyday life. They think only theoretically not practically. Now the mistake is the worst thing which a student may come across . We lynch mistakes instead of teaching how to learn from them. We convert our children from being active and critical thinkers to being passive and bland imitators. And finally we dam their innate need for create, act and serve.

But there is a very simply way to change it. All you have to do is to take up IBDP, to become IBDP students, to become international students, to become international people, the citizens of the world

Why I tell you this today is because I believe in you, I believe in open minds In today’s world there is very little things a person may have faith in, may believe in. Today for me also there is very few things to believe in. But certainly there is one I believe in people, so I believe in you, so I believe in open minds

But let me finish the story I started, the story of my post-IB life. As I said before, I graduated from Harvard on law degree and I assure you that I had nothing to do with law since then. I’m a written. But I don’t think those were wasted four years. At university you do not study only to get a job. At school you do not study only to pass the test. It is all about developing yourself, getting know yourself, creating yourself. That’s the right path to go. That are right steps to follow. That’s the right chance to grab. So grab it!

Just stay open. With a little help from IBDP, stay open. Say: I’ll be open, I’ll be open-minded. I know you want it and I know you can do it. I believe in you, as much as I believe in open minds.

Thank you very much

Agata, uczennica IV LO im. E. Sczanieckiej w Łodzi

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